Shoot epic GoPro videos

The number one thing to get to grips with in Video mode is resolution. There are a variety of settings and each will determine how wide or tall the footage appears when you play it back. For instance, 1080 pixels will result in a widescreen view, but 1440p video will have a more vertical view. There are also higher resolutions available on some models and they will provide greater detail but larger file sizes, so 1080 is a good middle ground to use. Another important aspect of your movie making is frame rate. A typical video on YouTube or television is recorded at 30 frames

per second (fps), but some GoPro Hero cameras offer higher frame rates. Opt for these when recording stunts as you can use editing software to reduce the speed for an impressive slow-mo effect in your footage. Next you’ll want to determine how much of the scene you record with the Field of View options. Depending on what your camera offers,  choose Wide for the widest view possible, Medium for a slightly zoomed-in effect and Narrow for a regular look.   By default, the GoPro will automatically adjust to the scene, but you can change this by turning on Protune if you have the Hero3, 3+ or 4. This is the last option in Capture Settings and it enables you to alter white balance, colour tuning, ISO, sharpening and exposure, as well as enhancing the quality by increasing the file size. Changing exposure is useful when you’re recording a particularly bright or dark scene. Set it to +2.0 to brighten, and -2.0 to darken the results. Make sure you record a variety of angles, close-ups, point-of-view and long shots in order to create more visually arresting videos.

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